Friday, May 22, 2020

Me Made May

It seems quite fitting that the last time I updated my blog was Me Made May 2019. Alot has happened over the past year and while I won't bore you with the details I would love to share some of the projects I have completed.
I have enjoyed creating some commissioned pieces along with some wonderful opportunities to test patterns for designers!
We are wrapping up the third full week of Me Made May and I have been quite busy!


Custom Bowler Bag that was increased from it's original size. I used French Calf leather for the bottom. Grain leather was quilted for the cream color. Gold hardware was requested. I created a slimline wallet and a toiletry pouch to complete the set.

This was a set that was gifted from a mother to her daughter for her birthday.  She requested a longer adjustable strap and a zipper on the back of the bag.  The sea turtle fabric is so pretty!
I included a mini necessary clutch wallet and a toiletry pouch.

Of course I couldn't forget the masks.  I have had requests for the ones that tie and elastic.

Twist knot headbands.  We included some of these in the Mothers Day gift baskets.

I really hope you have enjoyed my creations! Stay tuned for more updates including new garments that are itching to make their debut!
Stay well friends!

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